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I'm here to help you find out why.



What if I could take the guesswork out of your fertility journey?

I get it - the internet has a lot to say about your fertility.  From when you should have intercourse, to what tests you should run, to what you should be eating, opinions on the net are varied and often contradict one another.  The thing is, there is no single approach that works for every person who is trying to grow their family.  I've been supporting people in making babies since 2013.  Let me take the guesswork out of all of it for you.

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What if we left no stone unturned?

In order to serve my fertility patients best, I use a variety of standard labs and functional tests to assess where you're at and direct your treatment protocol.  I'm particularly interested in investigating your fertility before you've been trying for 12 months - you shouldn't have to wait.  If you want to know why you haven't conceived yet, I'm here to take a look at the things no one else has considered. Then I help you adjust what is found to be out of balance with nutrition, lifestyle, herbal and nutritional supplements, and nutritional IV therapy interventions.  The result is you reaching your peak fertility potential.

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What if you could regain confidence in your body's ability to do this?

When you've been trying to conceive and not becoming a parent as fast you thought you would, you can start to lose confidence in, and even resent, your own body.  It seems like everyone around you is getting pregnant, there's an endless stream of baby showers to attend,  and all you can do is grit your teeth through insensitive questions about your reproductive plans and dread your next period.  When you have answers as to the 'why' behind your struggle, along with an individualized plan to support your body in its ability to fall pregnant and stay pregnant, you'll feel empowered, confident and excited about your fertility again.

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Let's try something different.

I use a different, but complementary, approach to support your fertility.  Naturopathic treatments work alongside your conventional treatments to support the quality of eggs, sperm, and the uterine environment.  We work on the underlying root cause so that whether you fall pregnant in the bedroom, or with the help of advanced reproductive technologies in the lab, your have a higher chance of bringing home a healthy baby, faster.


I help people navigate their fertility


and thrive in new parenthood, and beyond.

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As a Naturopathic Doctor, it is my ultimate goal to provide guidance and the practical natural solutions you need to get pregnant, stay pregnant and thrive in new parenthood and beyond.

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I want to...


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