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Recipe: One Pan Pesto Veggie Tray Bake

One Pan Pesto Veggie Tray Bake

It’s that busy time of year, when we’re all running around trying to get things done before the holidays - making sure we’ve bought gifts for people we love, stocked the bar for guests, and tied up all the year's loose ends. And if there’s one thing that saves me at this time of year, it’s a one-pot meal. As much as I love putting together elaborate meals, I really appreciate those dishes where you chop a bunch of veg, chuck it together in a pan with some spices, and throw it in the oven. Easy to serve, and even easier to clean up.

I make tray bakes all the time – and this is one of my favourite go-to recipes. It does contain some dairy – so for those who are sensitive, you could substitute marinated tofu or chunks of Daiya (dairy-free) cheese. But definitely consider making this as the holidays approach. You’ll enjoy it for a couple of days, and it is a big helper to get your veggie count up for the day. I often make this with whatever veggies we have on hand, it’s incredibly adaptable!

Enjoy! One-Pan Veggie Tray Bake

(adapted from Jamie Oliver)


1 sweet potato (or regular potato)

2 carrots

2 beets

1 onion (any colour)

1 small head of cauliflower (or broccoli)

2 bell peppers (any colour)

+ any other odds and ends you have in the fridge (tomatoes, etc)


1 zucchini

3 tbsp pesto

1 package Halloumi cheese

1 eating apple

Olive oil

Salt, pepper


1. preheat the oven to 375 degrees

2. wash and chop all your veggies (except the zucchini and apple!) into approximately 1” pieces, and mix them with a good glug of olive oil, salt and pepper, on a rimmed baking sheet

3. pop the tray into the oven and bake for 25 mins

4. while that’s cooking: mix, in a small bowl, the pesto + 3 tbsp of olive oil, to thin it out a little. Spiralize or use a veggie peeler to make thin strips out of the zucchini, and thinly slice the apple. Cut up the Halloumi into half inch cubes.

5. after 25 mins, pull the tray from the oven. Spoon over the pesto mixture, and mix the veggies around. Scatter the Halloumi over the tray, and pop it back in the oven for another 5-10 mins (until the Halloumi gets a little brown)

6. pull the tray, scatter over the apple slices and spiralized zucchini, and bring it to the table!

Dr Kali MacIsaac HBSc, ND Naturopathic Doctor

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