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Newborn Essentials With Love from Your ND

Having a baby is a big deal. I know that you know it's life changing, but the way that it shifts your priorities and the way you think about the world is truly core-shaking. As a naturopathic physician, I always thought I was pretty mindful of the consumer products I chose to buy - support small businesses, shop local, and prioritize low-toxin options were already part of my day to day shopping habits. But having a baby added an extra layer to these considerations - why does so much of our food come wrapped in plastic? Why can't I find a leakproof water bottle for a toddler that is made of stainless steel or something less toxic than BPA free plastic? Where does all of this Amazon stuff come from?

Don't get me wrong - I had many an Amazon package arrive at my door in those first few months. In the beginning, when you feel like it's climbing Everest to leave the house, it's just so convenient to have things show up on your doorstop in 48 hours. As much as I could in those early days, I tried to buy local. I've gotten even better over time. But many of the things on this list are available through online retailers because it makes a difference when you're all adjusting to what your new life is like [especially if you don't have grandparents around to run to London Drugs in Richmond at 7am - thanks, Pops ;)].

I did a lot of research on the products I wanted to have in my home before having a baby. After babe came, I spent many hours scrolling product reviews and searching for items I needed, while nursing at 3am. So I guess what I'm saying is: I tried to be as mindful as possible about buying the essentials, and focusing on healthy non-toxic options. Recently, I've had a few patients become new parents and ask for my top recommendations for things like baby soap and lotion, household cleaning products, and diapering supplies. In light of this, I thought I'd compile a list that you can save for later, or share with those you love. I've done the research and tested the items, let me help you decide what you'd like to invest in for your babe.

I've broken this list up into a few different categories: furnishings, transportation, baby care, home care, and mama care. Some of these links are affiliate links (noted by a *), so I may receive a small % from a company for sharing the details. But I am otherwise not sponsored or paid to promote any products.

I hope this list makes your decision making a little easier - and frees up some of your time to really soak in the newborn stage, whatever it is like for you.

In health,

Dr K.

Newborn Essentials, With Love from Your ND




Ring sling (disclaimer: I thought I'd LOVE a ring sling, turns out I didn't and W didn't either - but many parents love these so I've linked one I love)

Baby Care

Skin conditioning cream*(for eczema, other skin irritations)

Mama Care

Calendula tincture - add a dropper full to your peri bottle of warm water, to be used in the early postpartum weeks after using the toilet

Organic maternity pads* for early postpartum

Postpartum support tincture via Finlandia Pharmacy herbal dispensary (ask your ND, but this is indicated for most new mamas to help support nervous system regulation and tissue healing, no matter your mode of delivery)

Belly band (I found this very comfortable - it is not a waist trainer, but can help with diastasis recovery if worn early in your postpartum; check with your pelvic floor physio to see if it's right for you)

Water bottle* (replace the plastic straw with a stainless steel one*)

Baby Feeding Supplies

Home Care (Cleaning)

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