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The Process

Let me help you find out why.


First, I get your story.

At your first appointment, I take the time to understand where you've come from, and what your journey's been like so far. I look for the stones that haven't been turned over, so that I can help you find out why you're struggling with your fertility.

Then, we dig.

I take a deep dive through the work up you've had done to date.  Send me your labs, your imaging studies - all of it. Then I'll compile the data and make suggestions for what might be missing. No more guesswork, let's get you some answers.


Finally, the magic happens.

You need a plan that's practical, attainable, and modifiable. 

I make suggestions for how to adjust your nutrition, exercise, rest, sleep, and supplement regime, and incorporate more advanced therapies like acupuncture & LLLT referrals, and micronutrient IV therapy, when it's indicated.

The result is you reaching your peak fertility potential.

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